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Blood can originate anywhere along the lower gastrointestinal tract, from the stomach and intestines (colon, rectum, anal canal) or externally, from the anus or the anal glands. Impacted anal glands the anal glands, which are at the 5 and 7 oclock position on the cats anus, contain a clear, foul-smelling liquid which is released from the glands when the cat defecates. What should be undertaken when feline anal sac disease is suspected. But if the discharge from the anus or a vaginal area of a cat has a purulent or slimy character and. If the cat has blood-streaked discharge from its anus, this may. As we stated above, impaction is not the only reason a cats anal glands might not function properly. Also known as saculitis, an anal gland infection in cats produces a painful inflammation in one or both of the cats anal glands. You should suspect an anal gland infection if your cat has clear or yellowish liquid, purulent fluid (pus) or even blood coming from the area. Faqs about anal mucus discharge is anal mucus discharge normal? Anal mucus discharge is not normal however, it may resolve spontaneously on its own. Unless it is accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the stool, or belly pain, it is likely not worrisome. Vaginal discharge refers to any substance (mucus, blood, pus) excreted by the cats vagina. Because there are so many causes for this medical condition, consulting a veterinarian is highly recommended. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of this condition in cats here. Vaginal discharge in cats is a broad symptom that can be caused by a number of underlying conditions. Many of these conditions may be life threatening, and it is important that you bring your cat to your veterinarian for a full examination. Anal gland discharge there are two anal glands located on each side of the rectum. There is normally some discharge released with a normal bowel movement. Some cats can have small amounts of anal gland discharge but i would not expect drips. On a tissue this discharge can be yellow to brown and has a very foul odor. Cats have anal glands which produce fluid into sacs that are located on either side of the anus. This fluid is assumed to be a scent marker that is useful in delineating territory. Anal sac disorders involve impaction of anal sac fluid, inflammation of the sac(s), and abscess of the sac(s), which can lead to anal gland rupture. Impaction is the most commonly occurring type of anal gland disorder. While impaction is the most common anal gland disorder, fluffy may be experiencing other anal sac conditions. Anal sacculitis, or anal sac infection, can occur as a complication to impaction. Infection is often recognized with swelling on one or both sides of the anus, pus or blood in anal sac secretions, or anal pain. Mucus discharge from cat rectum we had a cat show up at our door. We eventually gained her trust and have been taking care of her for the past week. The problem is yesterday i noticed white mucus discharge from her rectum.

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